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We Provide a Wide Variety of Tarps Including Mesh Tarp, Truck Tarps, Roll Tarps & More

Tear-Resistant, Water- Resistant Best Quality Vinyl Tarps for Sale™
pallet covers - canvas tarps - vinyl tarps™ is an engineered product fabricator that supplies all-weather tarps, bags, and covers for nearly any application. Our products have been rigorously tested, proven, and are backed with a minimum of a 5-year warranty™ will only put their name on high-quality materials that are very strong, tear-resistant, highly water-resistant, and lightweight. Our workmanship is the best in the industry and that is why we can give such a long warranty™ NEW! Now we digitally print on vinyl, magnets, and many other materials. Any size or shape and quantity!™ specialty is custom manufacturing special tarps and covers for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), Industrial Manufacturers, Municipalities, and Commercial Companies. But it doesn't matter who you are, if you have a special tarp or cover application in quantities of 1 or 10,000...we want to hear from you! Our quality is second to none and we can compete with any overseas competitor on price! Give us a call, e-mail, or click on custom tarps and tell us about your application. Our promise is "we will get back to you within an hour"!


About Us™ is a company that is located in Burwell, Nebraska. employs only high valued, empowered, and creative individuals. We realize only through our partners (employees, vendors, and customers) can we succeed.

  • 1 Purchase the best fabrics at the most competitive price/value.
  • 2 Hire and Retain the Best People.
  • 3 Foster an empowering and creative atmosphere.
  • 4 Keep the "overhead expenses" low, low, low, and even lower.
  • 5 Pass all of the above to our customers!

We have manufactured products for the following industries:

Sod Farms - Pallet Tarps, Mesh Tarps, Sod Tarps
Trucking Companies - Flat Tarps, Steel Tarps, Lumber tarps, Pallet Tarps, All Custom Sizes
Lawn Mower Manufacturers - Seat covers, Grass catcher bags, lawn Mower Covers, Walker Mower Dump Bags
M.R.O.s (maintenance repair facilities) - Industrial Curtains, Machinery Covers, Demolition Tarps, Divider Curtains. Pallet Tarps, Sand Blasting Tarps
O.E.M's (Original Equipment Manufacturers) - Toiletry Bags, Skate Board Ramp Covers, Tractor Cabs, ATV Covers, Pallet tarps
Construction Companies - Demolition Tarps, Roof Covers, Excavating Covers, Wind Break Tarps, Machinery Covers, Welding Screens, Containment Tarps
Chemical Companies - Industrial Curtains, Pipe Tarps, Containment Tarps, Machinery Covers, Divider Curtains, Wind Breaks, machinery Covers, and Tarps
Engineering and Consulting Firms - Divider Curtains, Machinery Covers and Tarps, Industrial Curtain Systems, Curing Covers, and Tarps
Concrete Manufacturers - Concrete Tarps and Covers, Custom Bags, Demolition Tarps, Machinery Covers and Tarps, Debris Collector Bags
Boating Industry - Bimini Tops, Boat Covers, Engine Covers, Mooring covers
Oceanographic, Institutional, and Offshore Companies - Divider Curtains, Machinery Covers, ROV Covers
Government - Engine Covers, Special Bags, Pallet Tarps, Bern Tarps, Pallet Tarps
Other - Athletic Field Covers and Tarps, Gymnasium Floor Covers, Tents, RV Covers and Sun Shade, Kiosk Locking Covers, Indian Sweat Lodges, Central Air Conditioner Covers, Custom Camouflage Tarps and Covers, Rock Wall Covers, Genie Lift Covers, Hay Covers and Tarps and many, many, more!

Made In The USA


pallet covers - canvas tarps - vinyl tarps makes sure 100% of our customers are satisfied!! Here are only some of the testimonials we have received: "The tarp fits and works great. I am sorry but I don't have a digital camera to send you a picture. Thanks for the great product.

Owner of a Construction company

This application was covering a fence with Mesh"The Mesh fence covers looked and worked great! We will be ordering more in December

Head of Charities and a Dog racing track

This application was to cover a half pipe."Thanks, the quality is superb! I will be telling my other buddies about™ ."

Private owner of a half pipe.

This application was to cover the "Space Shuttle Simulators" in Houston."Your product quality, price, and workmanship were exactly what we were looking for."

Private owner of a half pipe.

This application was to co-design and implement a "Tarp System" to keep cables at a certain temperature on a 300 ft ship "Thanks for the on-time delivery. The quality was Great!"

This application was to manufacture shaving bags for the United States Air Force. "Thanks for meeting the delivery date, quality standards, and good price. Please bid more items, we would love to do more business with"

One of the Procurement departments at the United States Air Force

This application was to cover a Track' The quality of your product is way above the quality we were buying. The tarps lay very nice. You really shipped this quickly. I will recommend to other tracks. '

Track Director

This application was for a dog kennel
"Thank you! Absolutely love the tarp I purchased! It is super durable because it has survived several storms so far. Would 100% recommend my friends buying from They are quick and super responsive and I am very happy with my purchase. I would definitely buy from them again! The pups will be happy too"